a picture of my face

I'm a full-stack developer with experience in various blockchain-related projects.
Interested in technologies which empower the individual, user experiences that feel good, software-not-as-a-service-just-as-a-thing-you-run and low-level programming.
Looking forward to working on libre (GPL-like) software and diving deeper into EVM internals.

Work experience

================= February 2023 - now

Forked solhint.
Role: Benevolent Dictator For Life
Technologies used: Solidity, Javascript.
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Fixed outstanding bugs
  • Developed new rules such as no-unused-imports and named-parameters-function

Fun Sabbatical
============== April 2022 - now

Role: Fun Haver
Technologies used: Java, Solidity, Typescript, Fluxcore.
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Learning Rust
  • Working on to improve my language-fu
  • Worked throughEthernaut CTFs to get back into the smart contract game
  • Learned to weld, travelled by bicycle, and those kind of things.

Exactly Finance
October 2021 - April 2022

A protocol to achieve fixed-rate lending and borrowing on Ethereum
Role: Core dev
Technologies used: Hardhat, Foundry.
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Developed an integrator to eliminate the need to open big positions in several transactions to have a fair interest rate
  • Improved testing methodologies & coverage. Found some bugs along the way.

September 2020 - October 2021

Solidity developer.
Non-comprehensive list of projects:

The Graph

A decentralized protocol with the goal of creating an open market for the backend infrastructure of evm-using projects.
Role: Subgraph developer
Technologies used: Assemblyscript, The Graph, Ethereum.
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Subgraph spec and development. Wrote proposals to clients.
  • Convinced upper management to reject a client because their product was fraudulent. Made a token economics analysis to prove it.

Super Secret Client

Research and development of a platform to enable users to have exposure to baskets of both on-chain and off-chain assets.
Role: Researcher and sometimes developer
Technologies used: Set Protocol, many stablecoin & synthetics platforms.
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Performed research to guide product-wide decisions.
  • Developed & demoed numerous proofs of concept.
  • Developed tooling for the operations team, alongside documentation and some training.

Swarm Markets

A platform for Europeans to get passive income on their tokens with a focus on transparency and ease of integration with legacy finance.
Role: Solidity & Subgraph developer. The Guy Who Does The Deploys.
Technologies used: Balancer, The Graph, Hardhat.
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Was responsible over mainnet deploys and upgrades.
  • Took ownership of the subgraph.

Atix Labs
August 2017 - September 2020

Software developer / project leader. Linux Evangelist.
Non-comprehensive list of projects:


Monero-based stablecoin
Role: Software developer
Technologies used: C++, Node.js
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Development of a standalone C++ module responsible for Monero-specific cryptography (eg: determine transaction ownership)
  • Integration of the aforementioned module into a Node.js blockchain importer/wallet, with performance considerations.
  • Minor contributions to upstream libraries.


Platform responsible for the collection and conversion of files generated by telephone infrastructure.
Role: Software developer
Technologies used: Java, Hibernate, Unix
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Unix system administration.

Money on Chain

RSK-based platform for a stablecoin (Dollar On Chain), a token which earns its holders passive income (BitPro) and a leveraged element (BTCX) for traders looking to benefit on long positions.
Role: Software developer
Technologies used: React, Meteor, web3
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Contributed to the React-based frontend for the Money on Chain platform.
  • Contributed to the Javascript-based backend.

Money on Chain Decentralized Exchange

Orderbook based decentralized exchange, with a focus on front-running mitigation.
Role: Project leader
Technologies used: Solidity, Truffle, Meteor, web3
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Project's research and specification.
  • Smart contract development.
  • Mentoring of team members.

Cardano Wallet example

An alternative implementation of a cardano wallet, based on Electron and using wasm bindings for blockchain primitives.
Role: Individual contributor
Technologies used: Redux, wasm, Electron, React
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Bugging my manager about migrating the project to a PWA every chance I got.
  • Minor contributions to Jormungandr node.
  • First project that's open source from the very beggining.


A platform to enable NGOs to receive donations via Bitcion, with a focus on donation tracking for transparency.
Role: Individual contributor
Technologies used: BitGo, React, node.js, Sphinx
Noteworthy tasks:
  • Worked with the client to spec out an integration with BitGo.
  • Wrote detailed technical documentation for said integration.
  • Defined user experience and security considerations.

University of Buenos Aires
March 2016 - April 2019

Algorithms and Programming I Ad-Honorem Teacher Assistant.
Teaching of both practical and theoretical classes in the C programming language.
Assignment grading.
Writing and review of class notes.

Formal education

University of Buenos Aires
March 2014 - March 2020

Licenciatura en AnĂ¡lisis de Sistemas. Dropped out.

Other interests

Self-hosting: I host this website, my blog, a tor relay, an IRC server and a few other things.

Web minimalism: I believe the web can be fast, lean and decentralized. This is why I use this website instead of Linkedin, Pelican instead of Medium, and Nextcloud Syncthing instead of Google Drive, for example.

Lean, fast user interfaces: I like software that feels good to use and doesn't add unnecessary bloat. Vim, i3wm and qutebrowser are some examples. Config files for those can be found at my Github.

Cycling, inline skating: It feels like using a good keyboard, but outdoors.

Low-level programming: I like throwing memory around, and interacting with hardware from a software perspective. Operating Systems has been my favourite subject at university so far. I (ironically) made a mate with WiFi, and (unironically) use my fork of suckless st terminal emulator.